DNA Profiling Around the World

DNA Profiling Around the World

Have you ever heard of the term DNA fingerprinting while watching movies?  DNA fingerprinting is also called DNA typing, DNA profiling, genetic fingerprinting, genotyping, or identity testing and according to Britannica, it is a method of isolating and identifying variable elements within the base-pair sequence of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). You might be curious about how it is done because it is a very amazing process where you could actually identify people. Many of us might already know a little bit about this but let us know more by reading further. More information can be found on Mapmygenes product page on dna profiling here http://www.mapmygene.com/services/disease-susceptibility-test/

Sarah Friedl will tell us more about DNA fingerprinting and its process and uses. Let us read below.

What is DNA Fingerprinting? – Process & Uses

DNA fingerprinting is a very useful technique that has applications beyond criminal and forensic analysis. In this lesson you’ll learn what DNA fingerprinting is, how it is done, and different ways it can be used to determine identity.

What is DNA Fingerprinting?

You DNA is very special because it is what makes you, you. Unless you have an identical twin, no one else has the same DNA as you. This genetic identification comes from your parents – half from mom and half from dad. But no matter how many kids your parents have, your DNA will always be unique from everyone else’s.

And this is what makes DNA fingerprinting such a useful tool: it allows us to identify an individual from biological samples. It’s called ‘fingerprinting’ because, just like identifying an individual based on the unique patterns we find on their fingers, we identify an individual based on the unique ‘fingerprint’ of their DNA. Because of this, you may have also heard it called DNA profiling or identity testing. Read more here.

            Information about what is DNA fingerprinting, how it works, and its uses are provided above.  In India, there has been news about the Indian parliament which will soon discuss a bill regarding forensic DNA profiling. Nature Research will tell us more about in the DNA profiling in India through their article below.

DNA profiling in India

The forensic successes of DNA profiling are undeniable. When used correctly, patterns obtained from short tandem repeats in genomic DNA can indicate, with high probability, whether it is likely that an individual (or their relative) was present at a crime scene or left traces on a victim’s body. DNA profiles can also rule out that crime-related samples came from a particular individual. The technology has been used both to solve crimes and to exonerate the innocent. But there have also been reports of wrong convictions based on DNA evidence. No method is free of all error.

DNA profiling is now widely used around the globe. The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative (FGPI), an organization that promotes debate on the human rights implications of DNA profiling, lists 60 countries that maintain national DNA databases, including the United Kingdom and the United States, and 34 countries that plan to introduce them. India is part of the latter group. The bill up for discussion will affect how the Indian database is generated, maintained, secured and used. Read more here.

India is ensuring that their DNA profiling will be both effective and ethical. They are also making sure that the benefits are to be balanced against the protection of citizens’ rights that is why there is still an ongoing debate about it.

On a different topic, let try to see if DNA tests can discover your child’s talents. Let us read about it through Rachel Chan’s article below.

Can DNA Test ‘Discover’ Your Child’s Talents?

NEW service touted as Singapore’s first DNA test to predict kids’ talents is barely three months old, but it has already raised some eyebrows.

Called Kids Innate Talent Genetic Discovery, it was brought in by local health-marketing services firm DNA Dynasty, whose contracted laboratory is Shanghai Biochip in Pudong, China.

It also offers the DNA Diseases Susceptibility Test, which it claims can identify up to 100 diseases that one could potentially inherit genetically.

The firm will be officially launched only on Nov 15, but 90 people have already been tested, among whom 20 took the Genetic Discovery Test, said chief executive officer Johnner Tan.Read more here.

Looking forward to a DNA test which could discover or determine your child’s talents. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have that? The Kids Innate Talent Genetic Discovery also identify up to 100 diseases which could possibly be genetically inherited. That again is another wonderful thing about them. DNA profiling is really something that contributed a lot in many fields. It has helped a lot and I am sure that it will help more people in the future with all its purposes and uses.

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