Fact or fiction can a magnet patch relieve pain

Fact or fiction can a magnet patch relieve pain

Fact or fiction? Can a magnet patch relieve pain?

Magnetic therapy is a type of therapy for sore muscles and chronic pain. A magnetic patch works by keeping the body in balance. When the body is in balance muscle soreness and pain isn’t felt. A body being in balance means the body’s magnetic fields and charged ions are in balance. When a part of the body is injured, positive ions rush to the area which causes swelling and pain. Magnetic therapy makes the positive ions retreat from the injured area which allows the body to return to its normal negative state. A good magnet patch would be from pip. More information can be found at http://pip.com.sg/our-products/pip-elekiban

A magnet patch looks like a small band- aid and can be applied anywhere on the body. They are inconspicuous and blend very easily into the skin. A study conducted by Dr. Vallbona in November 1997 has shown promising results for magnet therapy. Dr Valbona studied 50 post polio patients with painful arthritic joints. He gave active and inactive magnets randomly to participants to strap onto their painful trigger points. When 45 minutes had passed, 76 percent of the active magnet patients reported pain relief while 19 percent of the inactive group reported less pain. These results pointed towards magnet therapy showing improvement to patients with chronic pain. While these results are promising, after Dr Valbonas study, not much more research has been conducted on magnet therapy even though Dr Valbona himself advocated more research as his results looked promising.

Magnet treatment cannot and should not be ignored as it generates over a billion dollars in revenue each year. Such a large amount of growing returns show that magnetic products like magnet patches and necklaces are working for the vast majority and can be used to cure chronic back pains, wrist pain, neck pain etc. A human in the 21st century spends a lot of time sitting down because of work, health, school etc. Sitting in one place for too long is unhealthy for a human in the long run. Magnetic patches can be used while sitting to act as a counter to the unhealthy amount of time we spend sitting down, preventing body pain and soreness.

More research needs to be conducted on magnet therapy but for now the research available to the public has pointed towards magnet therapy being a viable way of treating muscle soreness, stiffness, joint pain, lethargy, depression and a whole host of other issues which have plagued human society for many hundreds of years and continue to affect us today.

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