Why you need visitor management systems

Why you need visitor management systems

Why you need visitor management systems

Organizations have people going in and leaving all the time. They include employees and visitors. If you have a system set up to identify employees, it is vital to have records of visitors as well. Having a record of visitors helps you to keep track of the company’s productivity and ensure security is observed. Some companies use a visitor’s book or sheets of paper to record the movement of visitors into the premises. However, it is difficult to follow up on visits since these easily get lost. The safest way to have a record of the visitors to your company is with the use of visitor management systems.

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In this article in thereceptionist.com, the author discusses the benefits of using a visitor management system.

Importance of investing in visitor management systems

“How many visitors are in your office right now? How many did you have yesterday? What about on August 27, 2016? You probably struggled to answer at least that last question, if not the one before. And if you could answer them at all, you likely had to pull out the binder that holds your visitor sign-in sheets or find the old Excel spreadsheet in your shared drive and manually count the entries.” Read more here

Visitors can quickly turn into paying clients depending on the kind of reception they find at your premises. They want to feel valued and protected. Having their names displayed for future visitors may discourage them from giving their real names or even returning. Once they feel their privacy is respected, they may trust you enough to do business with you. Having records you can easily extract also means you will be able to refer to visitors by their names without asking them to introduce themselves every time they visit your office.

In this article in silvaconsultants.com, the author talks about electronic visitor management systems.

What to expect from an electronic visitor management system

“Electronic visitor management systems are used to sign-in and track visitors who come to visit your facility. Electronic visitor management systems are an electronic version of the visitor sign-in sheet or visitor log book that is commonly used at many facilities. Electronic visitor management systems make the visitor sign-in process more efficient and provide an improved ability to track visitors.” Read more here

The electronic visitor management system gives you flexibility on the information you would like to capture. When visitors use manual systems when signing in, they are restricted to using their names, ID numbers, and signatures. The electronic system gives the option to include photos, barcode scanners, card scanners or personalized visitor badges. This system allows you to have a record of every visitor, duration of stay, and frequency of visits.

In this article, Paul Kazlauskas discusses the security benefits of using electronic visitor management systems.


How electronic visitor management system boosts security

Electronic Visitor Management Systems (VMS) are an electronic version of the visitor sign-in sheet (or visitor log book) used in buildings for years and are being implemented more frequently in the business world. While more expensive than a traditional log book, the VMS offers a more efficient and full-proof sign-in process.” Read more here

Accidents have been known to occur in buildings sometimes. It would be irresponsible of you not to know how many people are in your building at any given time. It may be easier to tell how many employees are in the building because of the systems set up to monitor the movements of employees. However, not being able to account for the visitors is risky. You are responsible for every individual in your business premises. One way of taking responsibility is by having an electronic visitor management system.

Having a visitor management system shows your clients that you are embracing technology as a company. Some visitors are easily impressed by the set-up of a business from the moment they walk in. This could give you the conversion you need, from one being a visitor to becoming a client. The electronic visitor management system allows you to develop a personalized relationship with the visitors to your building. You also get to collect records which may be used in case security issues arise. If one of the visitors to your premises is linked to some offenses, you will be able to retrace the person’s steps and evaluate the visitation patterns.

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